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    Share/Bookmark™ (JD) provides an extensive guide of listings, resources and information on journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, technique and related websites organized by category and search. JD is all about information, reference and resources.™ (JD) combines directory, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and more, to create a valuable resource serving all artists including sculptors, photographers, painters, film makers, musicians, writers, poets, playwrights, editors, essayists, novelists, bookbinders, teachers and students of art, art critics and researchers, museum curators and art collectors, hobbyists, travelers and enthusiasts of all types.


A website about Journals - Notebooks - Sketchbooks.

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The directory inside the is a great 'what-if' place where the permission to imagine things differently is the everyday modus operandi.

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go to bottom of page Blog™ Blog mission is to share with journal, notebook and sketchbook enthusiasts worldwide interesting, remarkable and noteworthy websites and events related to journals, notebooks and sketchbooks in the present, the past and the future.

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The™ provides an extensive guide of listings, resources and information to online journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, technique and related websites organized by category.

Look inside for a range of listings to journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, magazines, books, museums, galleries, journal collecting, journal supplies, sketching supplies, processes, techniques, schools, workshops, journal organizations, journal services, cultural institutions, copyright, government organizations, non-profit organizations, related sites and more.

The mission statement for uses technology with an added human touch.™ can help you find journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and journal stuff on the Web. Think of the as the phone book, or maybe the directory assistance operator along with a collection of informative articles. We have a search feature on the Guide so you can go through the listings fast and get to what you are searching for quickly. Let us know of any problems, new additions or ways that we can improve the Guide.™ will remain in flux as it grows, adjusting to new technology, new demands and more readers. All of the team systematically contributes to the development of the website as soon as one of us has an idea we look to see if it will fit on the website and improve the efficiency of the site. Sometimes our readers and clients give us comments to improve the site and we always give credit to whoever helps us.

Improving the website, programs, content and overall experience is our top goal.

The web site development started in September 2012 to create the new™ and is supported by™.™ is a sponsored project of Byron Rogers™ and is made possible by the generous support of our advertisers and donators. retains the right to edit or alter any materials submitted to fit the format of the website, and to add, remove or change the content as is deemed necessary to fit the format of this website.; Blog; "Your gateway to journals and related information™"; "Your gateway to journals and related resources™"; the orange type logo with the green background; all related trademarks and logos; trade dress are trademarks of™ in the United States and other countries. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.

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Its all about information, reference and resources.

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We work hard to be sure the is accurate, up to date, fully functional and as useful to our visitors as possible. We are always in the process of verifying each of our listings and if you find a dead or bad listing please let us know here. It will make the guide more valuable and useful to all journal, notebook and sketchbook enthusiasts and we thank you for your time and informing us about the bad listing. Your support along the way is very much appreciated!

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The JD has it's own Robot** and he is is an intelligent, information-harvesting, internet robot. He automatically explores the web, collecting data from web sites he has judged to be similar to the Theme (journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and techniques) he has been trained for. He is always looking for more journal information and resources to add to™. He has over 56,300 sites to look over in his growing database to find the sites that are now listed in the Guide. Each site he finds we look over (a human spends time, effort and then makes a decision to add and where in the guide) to see if it will make a good addition to the™. Then we decide which Theme-Category of the 32 to add the site to. Sometimes we need to add a new Theme-Category to help make™ better.

When the Robot started he had an IQ of 1000 and now he has an IQ of 9,800. He gets better and better at finding great sites to add to the Guide.™ has a large comprehensive, vertical-themed Link Directory on journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, techniques and information all on the internet. We hope you keep coming back again and again to see what he has found for us to add and make the best™.

** Our robot is able to seek out and find web sites by matching his Theme training against a Uniqueness score derived from an analysis of each web site visited. After scoring the web site, he saves a condensed analysis of it to a powerful relational database that is compatible with Microsoft Access.

He is not a random wanderer like most web robots. We train him, using the concept of themes. He systematically looks for themed or multiple-themed sites of our choosing and training, in an intelligent fashion, not bothering other web sites. He is search engine friendly and is non-invasive to visited websites and follows all the Robotic Guidelines as described throughout the Internet.

After his initial training is complete, he is virtually automatic, except for all the work he makes us do in evaluating each site he finds for us to look at. Each site is human evaluated before being added to the JD. We have over 380* hours in work on the content only in™ since we started website development back in September 2012, and there will be many more hours to come. Therefore, he is automatic only to a point. Our robot is the best tool available for doing this tedious, time-consuming job.

* This is equivalent to over 9 work weeks of forty personnel hours.

 Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Staff
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Listing and Use Disclaimer:

Byron Rogers is the owner and producer of, which has listings to Journals, Notebooks, Sketchbooks and related resources. We are not responsible for the other sites listed, nor do we sell all the items that you can find through the listings in, which is our online gallery, only deals in quality photographic prints, vintage prints and sculpture primarily produced by Byron Rogers. We have tried to cover the Journals - Notebooks - Sketchbooks world for your understanding, using, purchasing and collecting pleasure. If you like what we have put together please let us know and tell your friends and colleagues about us --- we'd love to see them online too.

This resource is created by a web crawler that periodically indexes the WWW, and does not maintain the content of web pages and documents found by this search capability. Responsibility for content lies with the organization publishing the information to the Internet. Each site is human evaluated before being added to The content and hyperlinks displayed as a result of any search does not constitute endorsement by for the information, products or services contained therein. We cannot be responsible for typographical errors.

All journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and artwork are copyrighted by artist unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved. © 2012-2015 Artists survive from their copyright which represents their creativity. Respect their rights by not copying or otherwise using their work without their permission. It is the law and it is fair and just. No part of this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the copyright owner. Licensing agreements for commercial use are available. Contact us for information.

You can find by typing in , , and you will end up at our home page. Icon  Time Line for

The domain name was registered on August 31, 2012.™ website development started in September 2012. Online Debut: June 16, 2013.

We have been asked where the name Journal Daddy came from?
I was working on coming up with a name for the new website and company for about a month with several different possibilities. None of the names I had come up with where just right and I emailed the list to my good friend Vicki Hardin for her to look over and get her feedback. 

She sent back the name Journal Daddy and at first I liked it then I was not sure but then I liked it again. I slept on it over night and I woke up thinking it was a great company name. No it does not cover all the items we sale or gather information about but it does cover one of the items and gives a sense of caring about the subject. It is short and made up of two easy to spell and remember words. Together the two words just work.                           Thank you Vicki!

Visit Vicki Hardin’s website.

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