Half Price Sale on Feb. 6, 2016

Half Price Sale
on Feb. 6, 2016

First ever half price sale on Feb. 6, 2016!

We will try again and hope for good weather.
Hope to see you there!

1/2 Off Original Price Sale

Because of the cold weather last month we did not set up. Based on past years where we set up in January we knew very few people would show up and a friend who did set up said that was true. We will try again and hope for good weather.
Hope to see you there!

We will have a large selection of journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and other related items on a table with a red cloth covering so you can see all the great stuff for half price. There will be leather items; journals with lines and without; small; medium; large journals, notebooks, sketchbooks; refillable ones and much more to choose from. “There will be about 100 items to choose from,” said Byron.

Sale items are on the table covered in red cloth!

When: February 6, 2016 – Saturday 10:00 to 5:00

Where: Chicken Farm Art Center – 2505 Martin Luther King – San Angelo, Texas

The details:
A large selection to choose from.
Buy any item on select table at 1/2 off the original price. That’s right you only pay half of what it originally sold for. That also means you can buy twice as much for the same money as before. So come on by, get a deal and save!

Choose from many items and get a deal!

We have small, medium and large journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. We have a few Moleskine notebooks and other premium quality items to choose.

A select list of the items on sale: leather journals; refillable journals; Raika leather photo album; notepads; stationery; envelopes; sticky notes; pens; markers; metal ruler; Rand McNally large USA and World wall maps and much more.

Offer good only for what is on select table. Offer does not apply to package, group or multiple deals.

First come first served. Limited quantities.
No rain checks. No dealers.

Weather Permitting

Support living artists. The dead ones don’t need it.