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100 Registered Subscribers

As of today, December 6, 2013, blog has 100 registered subscribers! I wondered back on Nov. 6th how long it wold take to get the next 50 for a grand total of 100...

50 Registered Subscribers

As of today, November 6, 2013, blog has 50 registered subscribers! Wow that is more than any of the other blogs we have had in the past both in total and the short...

Moleskine announces a weekly Creativity Challenge

The weekly Creativity Challenge  from  Moleskine Every week until the end of the year 2013 Moleskine is challenging you to create work in response to a different theme. Snap, hack and sketch for your...

New Facebook page

Just set up our new Facebook page. Facebook Page Let us know what we can do to make it better.


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