Acid free paper – another useful term to use with the search engine inside the Directory-Guide

I was working on adding another term to use with the search engine we have for the Directory-Guide.

If you type in acid free paper in the green search box (Search Directory-Guide) on all the pages inside the Directory-Guide you will get a very informative page showing all the different definitions, examples, characteristics we have inside.


Today there where 5 Listings found for: acid free paper, and they became an organized to do list or study outline covering information dealing with paper, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and more.

Efficient – Fun – Recommendations – Reference

A few examples:

Acid-free paper – Paper with a pH of 7.0 or greater when manufactured – Society of American Archivists…

Acid-free paper – What is it?…

Archival Paper – What is it?

Try it and see what you discover.

Of course it will change over time as we add more listings to the database that makes up the Directory-Guide.

Today there are over 520 listings inside the Directory-Guide. It will continue getting bigger.

Let us know if you find a good or interesting search string or term.