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Craft Brew Fest 2019 0

Craft Brew Fest 2019

The Craft Brew Fest 2019 was a big success. The show promoter moved my booth after I was about half way set up, which set me back, but I was still almost ready by opening time. With help from about a dozen Marines they lifted my canopy tent by the four posts and carried it about 40 feet to a new location. Then moved all the tables and chairs and inventory also.

Close up large handmade walnut wood domino paperweights 0

Large handmade walnut wood domino paperweights

These fun large handmade walnut wood domino paperweights are great to hold in your hands and feel the wonderful texture of the walnut and spots. They are about 2 X 4 X 3/4 inches in size and will hold down your papers in your office or study. They just look great and have a good weight to them. They are a little bit surreal.

Maybe my favorite painting by van Gogh and here is the large drawing he made as a study before making the painting. Houston 0

Van Gogh sketchbook in Houston

Back in June I was lucky enough to see the Van Gogh exhibit in Houston, Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art. Of course I loved many of the paintings but the drawings and his sketchbook was the best for me. There was an original or possibly a facsimile of one of his sketchbooks which was one of the early moleskine little books made in France way before the current made Moleskine notebooks.

Blue Hand Marbled Paper Cover and Leather spine made in Venice Italy 0

Blue Marbled Covers and Leather spines

Venice Blue Hand Marbled Paper Cover and Leather Spine Journals New addition for sale: Vintage all handmade Biblos Venezia handmade journal set of 3 Blue Hand Marbled Paper Covers and Leather Spines made in...


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